Branding and website for a new clothing brand

To get started with this project I wrote a load of words onto paper (well there was another sheet which was incredibly messy). I find that I generate ideas effectively when I write words related to a project, these words enable more words and in turn the ideas suddenly come.

I had my heart set on a gold bullion for the logo, but I would have liked to explore a badge type logo too. The latter may be too complex for smaller sizes on a T-shirt but it could potentially look ace at larger sizes too, I also considered the possibility of incorporating the two. As you can tell from the above, the design stages can get pretty messy at times with ideas flying everywhere.

Here is the Gold bullion concept, which I think is ace.

The website

The website has a strong emphasis on photography and offers a clean minimal interface that’s easy to understand. I opted for the awesome Montserrat font, which goes ever so well at smaller sizes, the body font is Vollkorn.

The header is basically a slider, however it's a good slider as there is no hidden content. The pagination sits under the main image and each of the images will pass through the boxes as the slider moves. The user would either be able to use the navigation buttons either side of the main slider or click one of the smaller boxes to bring it into the main slide. The main slider features a header, some sub text and with a link through to the desired page. The business owners could use this for promotions, new stock etc.

The brief asked for a ‘unique experience’ and I’ve attempted to achieve that with the clothes picker. The users can basically scroll through matching outfits and visually see how the go together on screen. Users can click individual items or select the whole outfit (this isn’t currently on the design so would need extra thought from a UX perspective). Users don’t need to purchase the whole outfit, they might be looking to buy one aspect of an outfit or just generally looking what goes well.

Users have the ability to share their outfits which obviously encourages interest in GOLD as a brand. The experience is unique (as far as I'm aware in this format) and I’m baffled as to why it doesn’t exist on well known clothing websites?

Next is the footer and that’s all there is on the homepage, it’s simple clean and very easy to follow. GOLD clothing is the next big thing ;-)


Images are from Unsplash. Volkron font if from font squirrel and Montserrat is from Google Fonts. Clothing images are by my friends at it'sinyourjeans.

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Sunday25th January 2015

Branding and website for a new clothing brand

There’s a new clothing shop on the market and they require some branding and a homepage design. There’s keen to ensure their branding and site is “clean but cool” with a strong emphasis on photography. They’re eager to see if you can think of some unique experience on their website which would make them stand out in a crowded market.

Their audience are male and females aged aged 18-30 and they sell a wide range of products including jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts etc. Make use of dummy content and some royalty free stock photography for the images.

Their brand name is Gold or Gold clothing.

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