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For the branding I’ve gone for a stamp type logo. Fairly modern - and cool looking - with a bull and two butchers knife crossed. I could imagine the stamp being patterned onto the paper that the meat is wrapped in, it would look great!

I've tried to avoid common trends, namely a full width header image. Instead I've focused on Typography and Illustrations. I found the site a little bit awkward on the eyes initially, as it looked different to sites I see on a daily basis.

The large heavy font is called Acknowledgement, the body font is Baskerville and the navigation and smaller links are Montserrat.

I must admit I'm getting a little bit bored of designing websites and I've rushed this one a little. Therefore the next few projects are going to be development tasks. Thanks for looking!

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Sunday15th Feburary 2015

Homepage for a butchers website

There’s a popular butcher in town who’s started to attracted a young crowd after the amazing increase in young adults wanting to cook. He’s desperate to bring his branding and website into the 21st century.

The owner has completely left the project in your capable hands as he said he was unable to find any suitable inspiration on teletext.

His customers consist mainly university students and those in their 20s. He sells a wide range of meat in a - now cool - traditional butchers shop. The customer won’t be able purchase meat on the website, it’s purely to showcase his business. We need the designs for the branding and homepage.

Oh and the business is called “Nice to Meat you”.

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Homepage for a butchers website

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