March 2015

Sunday8th March 2015

Make a functional form

A local development agency need a form creating to use as a template on all their web projects. They require markup and client side validation using JS. The form needs to include a range of elements and the agency can remove/modify where applicable.

The validation needs to be OOP and easy to modify and maintain. The markup needs to be clean and semantically correct and accompanied by minimal styling.

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Feburary 2015

Project complete15th Feburary 2015

Homepage for a butchers website

There’s a popular butcher in town who’s started to attracted a young crowd after the amazing increase in young adults wanting to cook. He’s desperate to bring his branding and website into the 21st century.

The owner has completely left the project in your capable hands as he said he was unable to find any suitable inspiration on teletext.

His customers consist mainly university students and those in their 20s. He sells a wide range of meat in a - now cool - traditional butchers shop. The customer won’t be able purchase meat on the website, it’s purely to showcase his business. We need the designs for the branding and homepage.

Oh and the business is called “Nice to Meat you”.

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Design | Branding

Project complete4th Feburary 2015

Make a colour clock with JS

There’s a client who feels guilty that his workers always work into their dinner hour as the workplace doesn’t have enough clocks. He’s bought a number of screens and want a screensaver/website that makes it easy for employees to tell the time.

However just displaying the time is a bit boring and he wants the time to be accompanied with colour. It’s up to decide how to employ the time and colour combo!

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Design | Development

January 2015

Project complete25th January 2015

Branding and website for a new clothing brand

There’s a new clothing shop on the market and they require some branding and a homepage design. There’s keen to ensure their branding and site is “clean but cool” with a strong emphasis on photography. They’re eager to see if you can think of some unique experience on their website which would make them stand out in a crowded market.

Their audience are male and females aged aged 18-30 and they sell a wide range of products including jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts etc. Make use of dummy content and some royalty free stock photography for the images.

Their brand name is Gold or Gold clothing.

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Design | Branding

Project complete11th January 2015

Landing page for a conference event

There’s a new conference forming and the organiser in need of a new website design that he can code up himself. The website will be a simple one pager with basic information about the conference (date, time, speakers, location). The conference is primarily aimed at Web Designers & Developers and the website should reflect that. The website needs to be fully responsive so demonstration of how the elements will work on all screens is essential. The conference is called Code and you can just use a nice font for the logo.

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Latest work

Homepage for a butchers website

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