Unfortunately this project has now been discontinued. You can read more about that here

Webwork is a play on the word “homework”. It’s essentially a collection of project ideas that will come to life throughout 2015. Many web people, including myself, don’t have the opportunity to work on fun projects in their day jobs. I created Webwork to enable me to learn new skills and refine the old ones whilst having a bit of fun!

I’ve tried to mix things up and the tasks range from design to development and anything in between. I hope to make as many of the projects assets available for download for anyone who’s interested.

If you're interested in reading more about the thinking behind this project you can read my blog post here.

Interested in Partaking?

Is there a side project that’s taken your eye? Is there a development task you like the look of but you need to team up with a designer? If you’re interested in contributing in any way then email me at contact@webknit.co.uk or shoot me a tweet @webknit.

I’m making this project for fun and you would be looking to partake for fun too. I can’t offer you anything in return other than exposure. You’re more than welcome to include any of the work you create on your website or portfolio if you ask me first.

Got any good Project Ideas?

Are you a business owner and would love to see a particular project on here? Are you a student and want to see how things are done? Or maybe you would just like to help me out with some cool ideas? If so you can email me at contact@webknit.co.uk or shoot me a tweet @webknit. You can also read the section on partaking if you’ve an idea you want to make yourself!

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Shane Prendergast

I'm a Web Designer & Developer based in the UK. I freelance via Webknit and have an obsession with side projects.

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